Monday, January 21, 2013

Blessed event

Not all blessed events are births of babies, you know. 
Today I was blessed at an event and am so thankful! 

I got to meet a blogger I have been friends with for awhile now. 
Say hello to Susan, if you don't "know" her already!

Our husbands were with us as well and had many agricultural 
things to discuss which was cool. 
As couples, we have other things in common...both of us
having raised three sons! 

Not an awkward moment of silence was between us, 
as we'd already figured would be the case! 
Truth is, we would have chatted into the wee hours, I suppose. 
They had to get on the road home, just
coming back from a Florida trip. 

So tell...have you met face to face any blog friends? 
Susan was almost my first. 
I'd met one once before. 
I don't think I asked her if she'd met any...Susan? 
How about it? Have you? 

 A fun time we had...I'm so happy and thank your hubby 
for being a willing soul and pulling off the road for awhile!!