Friday, January 11, 2013

A dream and an idea

I'm no food photographer  ...but our supper
(I say supper, not dinner which also isn't the noon
meal for me because that is lunch) was really
It was seventy degrees F here today and I took 
advantage by grilling out. 
We had salmon, roasted vegetables
and garlic mashed potatoes. 
I teased my Instagram friends with 
tasty pics. 
They watched it all unfold as I was 
grilling, mashing and tossing. 

I think I got the idea from a dream I had last 
(not to tease my friends, but what to cook)

We were really up on a high knob somewhere, 
with a view of a city waayyy down below. 
It was a really old brick restaurant with
white table cloths and waiters in white aprons.

It had large picture windows but we waited for
our table outdoors and the grass up there was
so lush and green. 

So, I think we had this meal. 
Do you have dreams so real, like I do? 

You also see above the incredibly sweet old mirror
that I snagged for $15. 
And you see a record album cover. 
I have an idea ... I probably told you 
that my two boys will share an
apartment in the fall. 
I hope they will let mama do a few things
in there as far as decorating. 
I mean, donate to the cause...
I thought of a funky theme with mixed
retro and quirky items. 
I thought a beach theme would be fun in
the bathroom (or any room) with a few
album covers like this one 
as well as the ukulele we have. 
I got a little framed ship art somewhere
for a quarter.
You know what one of the songs on that album is?
(of course you don't)
"Button up your overcoat" 
I thought that was funny considering the cover. 

Did you dream last night? 
Can you play ukulele? 
Can I decorate your bathroom?