Friday, January 4, 2013

Can I have a look through your attic?

Some of my thrifting finds had had it up to 
HERE with sitting in the garage like so much 
I brought them inside. 

I'm no octogenarian...I mean, Octomom...
no, antiquarian...or something, but, 
this urn appears to me to be very old. 
I got it for fifty cents but I think
the person before me probably dug
it up in the Dordogne valley. 
It probably has an ode written about it or on it
or something with hints and allegations
about somebody's past. 
But I just like looking at it. 

The awesome old book set was free at the
Salvation Army. 
We will soon
indulge in some writings found within, okay? 

I have even less info about this man since I can't
even remember where I got it. 
I like the fact that he is in the round and that his
glass is still with him...I don't know what to do
about keeping the two together but I can
guarantee it won't involve money. 

Largely due to the fact that I have children to feed and they
don't like the cheap stuff. 

Look out if you see this girl in your local thrift haunts...
she drives a hard bargain.