Wednesday, January 2, 2013

She set the table

 Et voila! 

One table set. 
Ready for non-existent company. 
It's okay! 
We'll use it. 

I'm hoping this will discourage mail and other
wrong things being placed here. 
I'm hoping it will ENcourage nice meals in 
which we sit and ask each other, "what did you 
do today?" 

I'm hoping the youngest will venture away
from the pizza du jour (read, pepperoni).

Oh, hey! How'd this get in here?
My homemade maraschinos...I've probably 
shown them before...on Blue Bell homemade us all! 

You asked about the colorful tumblers in my last post...
they are my mother's and are antique. 
I promptly put them back in her dining room
after photographing them last year. 

What is on your table today?