Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sounds like a resolution

I vow and declare that this year I will set a pretty table more and more! 
After all, there are dishes in cupboards and cabinets and we do eat everyday, more than once and often right here at the house!

I want to mix it up and be funky! Use pieces that wouldn't have thought to put together before! Show my youth! 

Am I scaring you with the overuse of exclamation points?! 
I'll stop. 
Okay, in your mind's eye, picture your collection of dishes. What can you mix up and use together that you have never once put together before? I want to hear about it. 

From my kitchen today came Broccoli cheese soup. It was yummy but I wish I hadn't used some shredded cheddar towards the end because it simply sits in clumps. Velveeta is totally the way to go as far as soup goes because it melts so nicely. I did not set the table (were you really going to ask me that?) We dispersed ourselves across several couches and recliners this time. 

Thanks for coming here...I really, really love all of y'all.