Friday, August 23, 2013


Now that my two big boys are off to college
and there is just one boy here...I have 
more time to not do laundry and cooking...

which means more time for a hobby!
Watercolors it is! 
On Instagram I discovered Paper Fashion  ,
that is Katie Rodgers, who lives in NYC
and illustrates for some fashion magazines 
and other industry companies. 
Her work "blows me away" and I am so inspired
by what she does. 

I begin with a simple pencil sketch and then 
play with the paints. 
The idea is to actually BECOME KATIE at some point.

Just kidding, of course. 
This, obviously is a front view, flat, no movement
Hopefully, I'll someday be able to add a human figure
in the dress as well as do side views or the back 
and show some movement to the garment. 

What would really be awesome is if I could 
whittle my middle and have this dreamlike
waistline, too! 
Can I get an amen? 

I am incorporating some exercise into my day 
as well...yesterday my boy and I had swimming races
(on our backs) across a neighbor's pool. 
Boy, were we winded!! 
It was fun being 14 again. 

Your turn, girls...what have you been doing? 
Any painting or exercise in your days? 

(I'm bracing myself because I KNOW you are going 
to now tell me about the 5Ks and Sistine Chapel's 
you are doing...) 

Follow Paperfashion on IG and me, Pcovi as well! 


Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

I have loved seeing your watercolor paintings on Instagram, Phyllis! So lovely. I recently took a watercolor class (online) - like, just this past month! and it did not come as easy as I had hoped. I used the expense tube paints that were listed on the class supplies list, and I have had a tough time toning them down. I have better luck with the Crayon pallet of kid's watercolor paints! Anyway, having just tried this art myself, I am SUPER impressed by your talent! Can't wait to see more from you.

Oh, and I started back to yoga recently - LOVE!

La Table De Nana said...

I love this one:-)
I have not seen the others..but truly this is adorable:-)

nancygrayce said...

Wow! You are quite the artist.....I love that watercolor. I tried painting twice at our local visual arts center and have NO talent, but it was fun.

I was helping out with grands this past week, so today I'm catching up on laundry, but I did walk every morning while I was there. Other than that, not much exercising going on here.

see you there! said...

I'm impressed with your watercolor. You've been hiding your artistic talent from us. I hope we see more of your paintings in the future. Of course you've seen mine.


Bobbypin Bandit said...

Love this and the images you posted on instagram! Very nice work!

AntiqueChase said...

You are so talented! I want to commission you to paint something for me!!

thesilverofhisfining said...

Lovely, just lovely. Joyce

Kathleen Grace said...

No painting for me, but I hired one of the church boys to do some out side. He's doing a stellar job and I'm watching from the cool house sipping iced tea. I could get used to this! Lol. Your watercolors are lovely, UI think you may have quite the talent if that's your beginning effort!

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

No way! You are so good already! I can not wait to see what your finished products look like. Go, girl!

Janice said...

Hi there! It's a quiet Sunday morning and I was going through my bookmarks blog on my computer (back in the day I use to faithfully write on my blog and follow other), well guess whose blog I had bookmarked? Yours! I realized the minute I opened your blog "Hey! I follow her on instagram" :) Small world!

Kelly said...

Hey, I just stopped by to say Missing my Bliss FIX!!!! Hope all is well and your art work and photography and ALL is keeping a smile on your face. I need to start exercising again and get going on some endorphins to inspire some fall fun:)

Lea said...

Girl I am lovin your art! You so inspire me always! No 5 k's here. ha! I pretty much hate exercise but get plenty of it it seems by cleaning out the barn and mowing etc. I do like going for long walks with the dogs. Can't wait for about another month to pass so the chiggers n seed ticks won't be a problem- snakes too. Happy painting girl! Please keep sharing your photos! Love getting to see what you're working on!