Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stay-at-home mom goes somewhere

I seriously don't know where to start in telling
you about our Alaska trip. 
The salmon frenzy is when the Alaskans
dipnet their fish as it comes up river to lay eggs and die. 
Got that? 
A missionary (Brenda Crim) saw there was a need because
these families bring their little kids, grandmas, dogs, etc...
how can you catch fish trying to take care of your family?
She thought teams could come and serve 
hot dogs, hot chocolate and share the love of the Lord 
right there on the beach. 
That is what we did...along with operating 
a bouncy house, some craft activities and bible
story time. 
You can read the official trip page here
I first learned of this opportunity online, myself. 
This was our second year going.
I lead a small team of 3 adults and 3 kids. 

Some of my readers donated and for that, 
I love and thank them! 

Fresh nature playtime is a daily activity. 
I can't tell you how wonderful it is to explore new territory! 
(my baby boy in orange)

I love leaving messages in wildflowers for others to find. 

I totally would have styled a wedding on the spot if
anyone would have requested it. 

Can't believe how close these ducks came...or how clear
a photo I got from my phone! 
Thankful too, that my nephew and his rifle wasn't near *whew*.

Yep, the Alaskans get to scoop out the fish and then bop 
them on the head. 
They can take 25 per person a day
(1st person in house....10 more for each person).
The rest of us must go fly-fishing and have
a limit of 6 salmon per day. 
They actually have counters in the waters that
tell how many salmon come through each day! 

This lady wanted to know what she could 
pray about for me? 
I said that I would be able to come back, 
year after year and do this. 
She was really nice. 

Simple as that...we were hopefully
salt and light on the beach, meeting
some needs and loving on people where they were. 
I pray they were blessed. 
We were! 

And Alaska ...ohhh, gorgeous...
and photos do not show how grand everything is...
you need to go if you haven't!! 

Oh yeah, furniture is really large up there, too! 


La Table De Nana said...

What lovely faces:-)
Who knew wildflowers were so plentiful..and what pretty pieces of art!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Fantastic post, Phyllis! I loved seeing your Instagrams while you were in Alaska, and these photos are the icing on the cake. Can you believe that duck photo?!?! Man, it looks like you could reach out and touch them. Awesome.

And I simply love your flower styling. You have such a knack for that!

God bless you for your time an service. And what a sweet blessing to go there with your boy! <3

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Sounds like a fantastic experience. I'm sure without a doubt that you guys WERE salt and light. They are probably still talking about your smiling face and sweet personality!

see you there! said...

Fun to read about the wonderful time you had and the great work you are doing. I've never been to Alaska but I've eaten my fair share of salmon. What I've had is no where near as good as fish fresh caught and cooked right on the beach I'm sure.


koralee said...

Wow...sounds like a wonderful day...anytime you can do God's work it is a blessing! xo

Kelly said...

Truly a blessing Phyllis! Love all the photos! Ohh, what a beautiful wedding you could have styled with all those gorgeous fresh flowers and greens!!!I hope to go someday annnd sit on that chair too!

Lea said...

I can't wait to click on your link and keep reading! Love your pics and I just know the love of the Lord oozed from you!!!

thesilverofhisfining said...

Awesome opportunity. Love your pictures. Thanks for sharing. I have lived there, in the early '80s, and absolutely loved it! No place on earth like it.