Saturday, July 13, 2013

A puppy and jello molds

I left you with a "cliffhanger" simply
to lure you back to my blog!
So, our dog, Maya dated a Pit Bull and
the pups were too large to deliver and she
didn't know to lick them out of the sack either.
I found one live one and rushed it to warm water 
a towel and got it breathing. 
I will spare you the rest of the story...
but know that we have that one
strapping healthy little dude. 

Here is Scooter getting to see him for the 
first time. 
He makes Scootie look rather tiny! 
He has consumed quite a lot of milk
since being revived that day, July 1st. 
Maya is in LOVE with her baby
and thriving in the role of new mother. 
We are in an awful debate about
his name and chances are, 
the child will grow up without one. 

One day this week, the ingredients 
for granola kept getting my attention.
I stirred up some molasses and coconut oil
in a saucepan and tossed it with
coconut, sliced almonds, oats and cinnamon. 
If I'd had any vanilla, I'd have added some of that as well.

Then I baked it at 350 degrees,
stopping to toss and mix it every 
few minutes. 
You want it to dry somewhat
but definitely not get to brown. 
It is uber-yummy on yogurt or simply by itself. 
(we ran out way too quickly)

Bible school happened. 
I did not sign up this year. 
My children are now helpers which is 
so cute to see, for me. I always hoped they'd
lean that way but you don't know...
the oldest took photos and compiled a video
set to music to show the kids and parents
on the last night. 
How fun to see 93 kids in our little country 
church singing praises. 
Really, really awesome.

My 14 year old did something which made me
proud...he gathered coins he had and handed 
them to little kids to put in the offering
(they often don't know to bring any and it sure 
makes them proud to drop something in!)
I heard that 2 little kids cried when they got picked
up last night and another handful asked
if we'd be "open" today :) 

I had a long over-due visit from a friend 
the other day. 
This is her photogenic daughter! 
Isn't she cute? 

I wanted to teach her (my friend)
and give her the Tupperware mold 
to make it in. 
(we just use strawberry jello).
I find this particular Tupperware mold
many times over for a dollar while thrifting.
I suggest you grab one and try the recipe!
It is pretty impressive to bring to a gathering, 
on a pretty bed of lettuce leaves. 
It also tastes incredible! 

While I was searching for my links just now 
I found funny articles about how jello molds
used to be so in style. 
One was you make jello molds? 
Did your mom? 
Does your family like jello? 

I have a sister-in-law who made 
a layered jello thing in a regular bowl once. 
LOL was mostly yellow but she had put
a little red in the bottom (not thinking) and 
the bottom had somewhat of an indention...
so, when she turned it out onto a plate
it looked like a big ol' breast AND
it sat there and wiggled 
in front of my mother 
who is one to get the 
uncontrollable giggles...
well, it was quite a scene!
(we don't get out much) 

My next blog post will contain scenes from 
my second annual Alaska mission trip! 
Who knows what you'll see come late July on this blog. 


nancygrayce said...

I don't think you should let your dog date! :). Seriously, cute puppy and wonderful save on your part!

Love that your kids are helping in VBS.....what a blessing!

That's funny about the breast like jello mold! I don't like jello. Just thought you'd like to know that.

see you there! said...

You have so many cute critters at your place.

I had to read the jello recipe, we so rarely have jello but this one does sound good for a summer meal.


Kathleen Grace said...

I haven't signed up to help with Bible School this year either, although I am sewing banners for the walls, so I'm doing a little something:>) You musta done something right if your kids are volunteering! I'll be prying that your mission trip is wonderful, can't wait to hear all about it!

Kathleen Grace said...

Ha, I forgot, I don't make Jello because, well Earl wont eat it. I have to get my Jello fix at other people's parties. I love the jello mold breast story. Our pastors wife made those cake pops on a stick and frosted them pink and put dots on them and then looked at them and realized they looked like breasts. We laughed and ate them anyway.

Lea said...

Love your pics... and stories of vbs. The jello?.... got me laughin OUT LOUD... jello can make a lot of memories. I once took some to a pot luck and ... it was more like soup. I didn't even want to go get my bowl coz I didnt want anyone to know I brought the stuff. lol Love the puppy!!!