Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I got an extra hug and kiss today from 
my oldest going back to college four hours
from me. 
He forgot his pillow and had to come back! 

It really hurts when he leaves. 
That's crazy, right? 
We are fortunate to have a smart boy and 
a college education for him. 

I comforted myself by gathering some pets.
We sat on the swing since it was sixty degrees. 
They were solemn too. 

Before that though, the dog and I took a really
long walk here on the farm. 
Someone had some hounds baying and I heard 
a loud gunshot or three. 
It was probably on another farm but sounded 
SO very close, we high-tailed it back to the 

I nearly stepped on this old bottle which had
moss growing inside. 
Why is it that little bits of green in the winter 
are so exciting? 

In other news...I am once again leading a group
on a mission trip to Alaska. 
The trip is in July. 
We are planning some fundraisers,
starting with a country ham breakfast.

If you have never been on a mission trip, I 
want to encourage you to seek one out
and GO! 
Don't wait until you feel like you 
"know the bible enough", 
or whatever may be the thing that is
keeping you from going. 
If God wants you to go? 
He'll see to it that you get to. 
Let Him know you are willing
and see what happens :)


see you there! said...

Oh so hard on us when our chicks leave the nest. You must be awfully proud of him though.

Bet you are looking forward to the mission trip this summer.


Vintage Jane said...

An extra hug and a kiss ... what a lovely bonus!
The mission trip sounds exciting.

Kelly said...

Feeling your pain :( I wonder how it will ever go away? I try to keep busy and then I think next year one more heads out! Yikes!
You do good works my friend I admire that! I know that your trip to Alaska will be a success for U are lead by the Spirit of Great Faith!<3

Lea said...

Your Roo and Kittycat are so cute in that swing! Alaska?!! WOW! So you've been there before? Where are yall going exactly? I'd love to hear more...

Casa Pinka said...

I was thinking today about having the dreaded empty nest. They really are just on loan to us, aren't they? Must remember that!

nancygrayce said...

OK, I'm the odd man out here, but I'm glad to see them come and glad to see them leave! I never had empty nest syndrome, maybe because I had mine so young that I was good and ready when they left! :)

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

It is normal - and sweet - to miss our kids when they are gone, but then also it is good that he is going off to college, a good education is a wonderful thing. I love the little bottle with the moss - looks like a fairy could take a nap in there.