Tuesday, January 15, 2013

nieces, feetses and hobnail

Sunday found me loving on my great-nieces for
a couple of hours after lunch. 
I'll remind you I have three teenaged sons,
so this was a treat. 
I have a suitcase of little girl dress-up clothes
and they had fun doing that while
watching Mickey Mouse on my laptop.
Of course I built a tent and served pretzels. 


After studying my and my husband's birth 
certificates, I was saddened to discover my feet
were larger than his at birth. 
I'm wondering how (if at all) this might play out
in our marriage. 
It might interest you to know that we are ten years 
apart and that we were born in the same hospital. 
As it turns out, my mother was a delivery nurse
with the doctor who delivered my husband in 
the year of 1952. 
We are assuming she marked him for me somehow,
on that day. 
(wait. I wasn't conceived yet... hmm ?)


I spent time with my 84 year old mother today and
since I'd put away her Christmas decorations,
I thought the mantle looked rather forlorn. 
I shopped her house and gathered some happy things
using pink for my theme. 
She feels everything is clutter and doesn't want 
anything to move. 
I silenced her because I was having too much fun
I also loved the reminiscing it caused her to do.
The oil lamp was the last thing my daddy
(who loved antique auctions) 
ever bought at an auction.
He payed $85 which mama thought was
too much. 
I told her that he knew he would never bid again
in his life and he was determined to make
this purchase.
(he had cancer)

She said her mom gave her the hobnail 
piece when she first married. 
The pink vase and silk flowers are more
recent gifts from a granddaughter. 


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Such a sweet day - the great nieces are darling, and what a nice thing for you to do for your mom. You are lucky to have happy memories with her.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Phyllis:
We do so enjoy posts such as this which are so very personal and which, in the telling of stories, give such insight into the lives of others. And in so few words you paint a very clear and affectionate picture of your mother.

Small Kucing said...

its quite a coincident that both you and your husband were born in the same hospital

Betsy Adams said...

Love what you did to your Mom's mantel... I wish you lived closer. I don't have a creative bone in me --and my house could use some 'pretties'.....

My Dad was 11 yrs. older than Mom. He was 53 when I was born and Mom was 42... Big surprise to both of them--since I had a brother 12 yrs older than me and one 20 yrs. older than me... Crazy, huh????

Since I TOO raised 3 sons, I will tell you that when you get your first granddaughter, you will totally eat her up.... I have 3 granddaughters and they are FABULOUS --along with my 2 grandsons also of course.


see you there! said...

Nieces, baby feet, family stories. What a great post. Love the hobnail cased glass piece, I have a similar piece with the pink inside but the outside of mine is smooth white.


La Table De Nana said...

Those girls will love Hello Kitty:)

So neat you have all those clothes..And how cute your mom's mantle.

Kelly said...

Loving this post! I read the title entry and was thinking WHAT!
Funny things, Feet! I think your safe. But, if it had been your hands, Yikes!
How's your Hubby feeling? Better I hope!
You look like your having a great time with your beautiful nieces.
I'm glad you stuck to the decorating! Looks so elegant placing your moms gorgeous hobnail and your dads oil lamp with the flowered vase! It is also such a nice touch in honoring a memory of your dad!<3

Martina said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Phylles! Wow,i love the story about you and your husband - life does has a pkan sometimes - tee her! And here, it worked out so well! Have a cozy little weekend!

Girl About Chelts said...

What a pair of little darlings your nieces are, and I love the story about you and your husband too x

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

What a sweet post!