Saturday, December 29, 2012


It has snowed some today but our temps are two degrees too warm for anything to happen yet. 
Hubby is still trying to get well with his Bell's Palsy and we are 
just hanging out. 
Boys are video gaming and mama is trying to keep all tummies
full and satisfied. (Tall order there, right, moms?) I'm quite sure I fed them yesterday and they are all hungry again today! 
I used to love dressing them in Christmasy things for a photo. 
And I loved kissing all those warm little faces all excited 
over the season and the lights. 
I'm so excited about what it will be like to be a grandma
someday! I'm jumping the gun, though...not time for that

We are listening to Toby Mac and his new Eye On It cd. 
My middle boy went to the concert and brought me that. 

What's up for New Years eve, friends? 
We have no plans, per usual. 
I do wish you a Happy New Year with health 
and prosperity!