Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No bliss

Cold and prickly Christmas. 

Not the temperature, it is warm here...
I wore capris today. 

You know what I'm talking about. 
We've got that shared gray cloud. 

Nice we don't grieve alone, right? 
We have entirely too much practice, sadly, 
in grieving as a nation.

My husband has Bell's Palsy and a chest cold
to boot. 
He is fragile and we are lying low. 

I'm thinking back on when our boys were small and 
all the secret preparation we had to do. 
I don't think I could do it anymore if I tried.
It is so funny how each step in the celebration 
this year is like...well, a ball and chain? 

I've read so many posts of people saying they
were downsizing this year...that was before
the wind got knocked out of our sails. 
I think it is a year in which...we collectively
see without a doubt that our tinsel, fudge
and shiny electronics bought at midnight 
on Thanksgiving...
weren't the valuable things 
we thought they were. 

We knew it, we really did. 
Just not in the same way we know it now. 

A group hug is in order and I'm squeezing you 
tightly and wishing you a special time with family and 
friends in
the coming days. 

People will be talking about their resolutions
in a couple of weeks. 
That always catches me off guard. 
Isn't it enough we just got fifteen holidays done? 
Have the kids even been to school this year at all? 
And now we have to set goals? 

I have a goal to sleep tonight and will just leave it at that. 
Hope you sleep well :)