Monday, December 10, 2012

A drawer, a cherub, bubbles and potato salad

The weekend saw me participating in a craft
show, although my table was only
vintage items. 
"a good time was had by all" 

My kitchen...has pink walls (birthday cake is the name
of the paint although I forget what brand)
and a brown ceiling
(hot chocolate is the name, although...yea.)
I have Christmas dishes of the red and green 
variety and also the pink and mint green
variety and am torn over which to 
put on the table. 
Are my problems mighty, or what?! 
Anyhoo, this concrete cherub stands amongst
the poinsettias in the window. 
She is donned with some old pearls 
I got out of my aunt and uncle's estate. 

Mary, did you know? 

That the Christ child simply can't be born 
without bubble lights on the tree? 
Watch out for false prophets is what
I'm trying to relay...they are out there
like hungry wolves. 
I'm also trying to tell you that bubble
lights are a thing of beauty and
a joy forever. 
If they don't take you back to that
Christmas in 1967 when you 
had on that  red velvet dress
your grandmother made you?

Nothing will. 

One parting piece of advice. 
If your eggs don't peel all pretty-like 
and you intended on deviling them? 
Girlfriend, just make potato salad 
and plea the fifth. 
And when people give you tips upon tips
about how you should have put them 
in ice water or added baking soda to the
boiling water? 
Poke a forkful into your mouth and
It's about all you can do, really. 

If you are in the mode of simply having
to have that vintage wood drawer up top? 
It will be $30 shipped in the USA.

The strand of green glass vintage 
garland $25...shipped in the USA. 

The vintage goldtone compact
with angel? $20 shipped in the USA. 

I use paypal and will send you a bill if you simply 
leave me your email address in comments. 
First come/first serve. 
Love ya! 

Thank you for coming as always ;)