Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Holy huevos batman! 

My chickens are laying some enormous eggs. 
It seems an odd thing to happen in December but
it has been 60 degrees F here daily for awhile. 
And it has been wonderful! 
I've decided it is the perfect weather for me. 

I've been letting the chickens free range quite a bit 
so you never know where an egg will land. 
Feels kinda like Easter finding eggs all over the place...
instead of Christmas. 
I should bake a nice cake, right? 

My first college roommate up and posted
a challenge on my facebook page today, 
to make these Peppermint Mousse cups
and so I did and they are delicious.

Tomorrow my mother turns 85 and I'm taking
one of my neighbors who she is friends with,
to celebrate with us. 
These little treats will be our "cake". 
I'm making a chicken casserole as well. 

I know! Too much excitement, right? 
Thanks for stopping by ;)