Monday, December 3, 2012


Shannan gives us one photo to speak our minds 
and hope we find the beauty of our day. I'm linking. 

This is the boxwood wreath on the porch from the side view which
includes the moon. We have spotlights this year. They used to shine on my aunt and uncle's home and it would please them that they
are now illuminating ours. That's beauty! 

I knocked out ugly jobs today in the clutter arena. That's beauty!

I listened to Boston Pete's holiday stream today all day on the 'net.
That's beauty! 

I got a video on my phone from a toddler in Oklahoma dancing at a ballgame. That is SO beauty. 

I ate my own homemade maraschino cherries from our own cherry trees, on vanilla ice cream tonight...say it with me..."that's beauty!" 

My children were let out of school half-day due to a bomb threat. 
Everything checked out well and all are safe. That. is. beauty. 

Until the morrow, friends...keep your eyes out for it...the beauty! 

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