Saturday, December 1, 2012

Do you see what I saw?

Look at me uploading photos!
I decided to delete many out of old posts, 
making room for more. 
It is a band-aid of sorts.

You are looking at shots from my recent day 
in Nashville. 
Wish you all could have been with me in Anthropologie
and Free People because those two are SO
incredibly creative with their store displays and
items for sale. It sure made me want to go
home and DO SOMETHING. 
But after eating my half of the peppermint 
cheesecake...about all I could do was fall
into the bed. 

How do you like that candle drippage up at the top? 
It was one year of drip that created that awesome piece. 
My brother and I, back in the late sixties/early seventies
used to drip candles onto a big old wine bottle every night.
It was just a crafty experiment, I guess, but one that
makes me happy to think back on. 
A brother and sister getting along over candlelight...
no cares at all. 
Me in my maxi-dress daddy had brought me from a 
trip to Detroit. It was way groovy. 
My brother used to say the Jabberwocky poem 
to me. His granddaughter can almost say it now. 
It is mighty cute quoted by a three year old. 

Did you just hear that?! 
That ice cream calling my name from all the way in the 
See ya ;)