Monday, November 26, 2012

Money Shot Monday

hoping to link in a little while with flowerpatch farmgirl SHANNAN ;)

Frequently I see blog posts where there
is one flower or weed strand and then
 a poignant post to follow.
I'm not poignant...
but I am out of photo space on this blog.
I can use previously posted pics until
you and I both get sick and tired of them. 

It's only $2.50 a month to continue on but I'm 
not feeling it! 
I'm thinking about relocating...just thinking...
I REALLY like our little chats!

In thrifting news today, 
I found a set of REALLY old books. 
I grabbed them so quickly that I didn't 
and still haven't, looked to see what they were
exactly. (It didn't matter!)

I carried them up to pay with a heavy heart, 
knowing they'd be more than I wanted to give.
Glory be...all books were FREE today, 
they wanted nothing more to do with them! 
Heavy heart no more, I picked out 
some for my mother to read that weren't
I also nabbed for a quarter, a wee bottle which
has a silver top. Gee, I'd love to show you but
blogger says uh-uh. 
Hold on...I'm going to upload another strip of that
burlap for a little decor. 

I hosted a part of my mother's family for a reunion
here at our house on Saturday. It was a smallish
group which made it easier and we
enjoyed each other so much. 
So, yes, I ate big on Thanksgiving and then again
that day. 
Somehow though, the stars lined up
and I lost two glorious pounds! 

(that is text-language for "shaking my head")
(forgive me if you knew this already)

Hold on. 


I'm excited for a weird reason.
Nashville is a hop, skip and jump from me but 
I don't just drive over, willy/nilly because I can.
I save up for special occasions such as needing
replacement birth certificates.
Yes, both daddy and I keep copies and we both
have lost ALL of our family's bc's. 
Our babies were born in Nashville.


I'm afraid of small town doctors. 
None came on the interstate, so we're good. 

One of our boys has a class trip coming up, to Costa Rica
and in order to get a passport, we need that
Tonight we must fill out a form and get it notorized
just so we can get the bc. 
Things are complicated! 
So, I'll go to a counter in a building in the big city
and pay the fee and sit and look at my 
cell phone and roll my eyes and wonder...
if I have time to go up the hall to the 
loo, or if I should just stay put in case
they say, "ma'am, we have your bc ready". 
But what if they can't hand it to me tomorrow? 
Will I be shopping at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, 
Anthropologie, Super duper Target, 
Nordstrom and eating at the Cheesecake Factory
with worry on my mind? 
I don't know if I can enjoy myself if I have to go home 
without my son's bc. 

But yeah, I'm excited. Getting outta Dodge 
for a few.