Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Batty for Bantys

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My husband came home recently with 
a set of Bantams someone had given 
We tossed 'em in the coop and slung 
food and water out there for the last 4 weeks.

I decided to let everybody free roam the other
day and as we puttered around doing
yard work...lo and behold we 
realized the rooster 
is in fact a dog.

This little guy who now has a name,
"Scooter" follows me everywhere.
He stops in front of me as if wanting
to be picked up, which I gladly do.

In the house, he will sit and stay. 
I'm anxious to find out what else he
knows over time. 

You know, he probably can read and
other non-chickenly things, don't you think? 

Thanksgiving blessings to my friends in the USA...
and regular blessings to all of you in other
Shout out to the HATTATS in hmmm...either Budapest
or Brighton methinks...
Martina in Germany! 
Olivia in Paris! 
Natalia in Russia! 
Diane in the Charente! 
Koralee in British Colombia!
Monique in Canada!
Clare in Herefordshire!

I am thankful for ALL of you :) 

Did I miss you? 
Leave a comment and I'll catch you later ;)