Thursday, November 15, 2012

On Christ I Stand

Hey there! 
I'm just reminiscing and looking at photos 
from our Alaska mission trip this past July.
These hairy legs could be mine...but they
are my son's. 
This one is a senior this year. 

He plays Kendama as I've mentioned, 
and is always going for some incredible 
photos and videos for online competitions.

We are going again next summer
and I am team-building at the moment
so that people can plan ahead. 

I hope you don't mind me showing about 
Alaska again...
would you rather hear about how I cleaned out something
like 100 years of clothing from my 84 year old
mother's closet this week? 

We handed them down to a couple of 
extremely happy ladies. 
And now Mama can better see what she has to wear
and can reach it better. 
Her arms don't want to reach much anymore. 

Oh the faces in Alaska!
Of all the beauty up there? The mountains
and rivers, trees and flowers? 
It's the faces I want to see again. 
It was a melting pot there on the beach
in Kenai...many different nationalities
represented, but all were Alaskans
because they were allowed to dip 
their salmon out of the river and
us Kentuckians had to fish the old way! 

I know you guys have big hearts and some
of you have even asked if you could do
anything, from here. 

The top item on the wish list that the
missionary has is white bed sheets. 
To wrap the bodies of suicide victims of
which there are many. 

She goes to remote villages where
money is scarce and caskets are none. 
How can a white sheet for a dead person show
the love of Christ???
Imagine losing a loved one in this way
and not having anything. 
You can bet your bed sheet is delivered with
a message of love and hope to a 
hopeless family. 
I have an address for you and encourage
you to have in mind this project 
when you are at your favorite 
thrift shops. 
Goodwill, Salvation know the ones! 
Say a prayer, if you will for the family 
who will be wrapping their 
loved one as you send it off. 

And bless you real good!!! 

Here is the address: 
Alaska Missions  PO BOX 230851, Anchorage, AK 99523