Friday, November 9, 2012

But no homework!

I dedicate this post to teachers, 
mostly because of my vintage haul
today which had a theme once I unloaded it.
Okay, well just the school chair and map, 

but it does all look great together, right?
From the same era...
All of it went into my flea market booth today. 

Like a good Instagrammer, I photograph
any photogenic food I partake of. 
This little restaurant way out in the country
near us, has the freshest, best tasting food! 

My child and I did a little walking out
in the park area near this restaurant.
Gorgeous colors kept my camera snapping. 
One beautiful leaf was alone on the path...
striking by my son's blue shoe. 

I love old scales and spotted this one
I did not bring it  home...left it for you ;)

This chippy white painted accordion thing
is a pen!
 I've never seen one but it is genius
for trapping some playful kitties or puppies.
I might end up with this for my next barn sale 

Shout out to JOANIE who tells me that she 
always reads my blog...she is a school teacher
and the children LOVE her because she
is so creative. 
She teaches science to fifth graders. 
Say hello to her in the comments!