Monday, November 5, 2012

Money Shot Monday

Am I ever ultra-thrilled to find this old pic of my baby...
in the files of this blog's was one of the ones
that I lost when my hard drive crashed. awwww. 
This boy is 13 now. 
(yeah, I know!)
He pretty much knows everything ;) 

You might have noticed I have a penchant for falling
Don't you love the sound and the freshness of
If you can find a waterfall, it makes a great 
FREE outing and usually involves some blood,
sweat and tears to reach as well. 
Some people call it exercise. 
The pictures are fun, everyone is 
refreshed and energized. 
I should be the waterfall poster child! 
Or work for the waterfall chamber of commerce. 
Go find one! 
And come lead me to it :) 


 there is a little
treat I've been saving to tell you about!
I suppose I read it online, to soak your feet
in apple cider vinegar which sounded weird.
We always hear of the benefits of vinegar,
don't we? 
I have started taking a couple tablespoons 
by mouth daily, to help with achy joints
(my husband swears by that)
but I tried the foot soak. 
Sakes alive!!!
My feet were soooo soft after probably 20
minutes and a towel dry. 
What an inexpensive little spa treatment.
I've done it twice now...that was about a dollar's worth. 

See what you think! 
Report back now, I wanna hear about your soft toes.