Monday, October 29, 2012

Brought to you by the color orange

Said the "punktin" (as my firstborn used to say)
I honored it's wish and used the canned pumpkin. 
My friend made this little sign for me. 

I won't ever go back to pie crust made with
shortening ...this is two cups of flour and two 
sticks of cold butter, then a few drops 
of ice cold perfect! 
Use it for a sweet or savory pie. 

I can't believe how many people were 
not raised eating pumpkin pie. 
It is is SO good :) 

I wouldn't have guessed that women in north Alaskan
villages would wish for cotton fabric and rick-rack.
It is true though and I've purchased enough to be a 
door prize for their gathering in January. 
They would have to have two plane rides
to the tune of $900 to get to a Wal-mart. 
Fabric is like gold to them, I hear. 
Especially floral cotton. 
Did you think they were all wearing bearskin, 
like I did? 

Well then, did you think I'd be wearing 
enormous yellow bows in my hair?
Anything goes this weekend...
including acting one's true age ;)