Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend wrap-up

Floral alert!
These blossoms came from Kroger and were $1.62 
per package...this arrangement has four. 
Who can resist? 

I'm still flying high from the barn sale
I was in over the weekend. 
This was my view from where I sat :)
If you didn't see my booth...look at the last post, below. 

For many vendors, this was a reunion,
since they knew each other from other
barn sales and events. 
SWEET women I am so proud to have met. 

Some of us have plans to go "junkin" 
You wanna go? 

I had so much fun dressing myself each day.
All the ladies had on boots and many had
pantaloons, lace, know the look. 
I am not a country girl by any means...but I did
enjoy wearing my rubber-soled boots from Target
that I already had. I ended up embellishing
them with jute and a monogrammed
 pin I had. I told some girls that I 
was thinking of dressing "in costume"
everyday. They said no, it wasn't 
a costume, this was how they dress!

You see my rooster painting? 
A new friend did that and I LOVE it and HAD
to have it. We made some swaps. 
Speaking of roosters...we were gifted 
a Bantam hen and rooster this weekend. 
They have the cutest voices! So tiny :) 

That's the wrap, dude.