Friday, October 19, 2012

Me at the barn sale Hayloft at Port Royal

The time has come the walrus says...
(name that poem

My first time to participate in a barn sale is going
wonderfully! Someone said I was in my element
and I think so too. 
I sold a wee bit more than I paid for rent in the first
four hours. Now it will all be gravy for the next
two days. 
I'm trying to fund another mission trip to Alaska. 
I'm in my element there. 

Everyone is buying $5 and $6 items...I'm hoping
I don't have to lift that dresser again. 

The atmosphere is so incredible with so many
like-minded people. 
Everyone you know parades by your booth and chats. 

Would you rather be a vendor or a shopper at
a barn sale? 

Oh both? 
Well, I can see that about you.