Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall break

Just a quickie to show you the bride's bouquet 
from the wedding I photographed over the weekend.
Her "something blue" was a vintage hanky
I gave her and I was so thrilled to see how her mom
worked it onto the handle with the
locket from her own wedding to the bride's dad.

The little shack stands on the property of a cousin. 
So Kentucky, right? 
I wished for an iron skillet to put in her hand. 

The boys and I are off to search out some waterfalls
we have learned of in Tennessee. 
We are taking a picnic basket and have 
been invited to spend the night in someone's 
We'll be missing daddy who has to work 
as well as big brother who is away at college. 
It is Fall break and there is no school. 
Pray we don't get eaten by a ...a...
bear? or wildcat? or twist our ankles!! 

Come back for the full details in a couple of days, ya hear?