Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Photo shoot and quiche

I babysat this little girl today while she was out
of school. 
She knows a day with me means a photo-shoot
and I only have to point at her clothing. 
She dresses and off we go! 
She has just begun ballet classes and piano. 
She is ten years old. 
I would trade skin with her in a heartbeat...so
fresh and pretty! 

Remember the Chevre quiche I told you I'd made? 
Just realized I had photos...like a good blogger would. 
I made some revisions since I didn't have sorrel or European
crust was excellent!

Before baking and after...

Mine had spinach and onions. 
I've made it twice now...second time
with no veggies at all...still delicious! 
I'm totally sold on chevre...goat cheese
and will buy it forevermore. 

Someone asked me in the comments yesterday,
where I'd put the new rug I ordered. 
Well, under my feet I guess! 
(just teasing...I...don't...really...have...
a spot, you know...for it) and how did you know? 


I just know that I love it and it was cheap :) 
Seems like rugs and linens are my weaknesses....
along with cute children and cheesy things in
pastry. En croute. Things in a crust...
Are you crusty too?