Monday, October 1, 2012


Welcome to Money Shot Monday again...I'll be linking later...if she is doing link ups at FlowerPatch Farmgirl.

We bank all our money on one photo for this post...thankfully though anything can be discussed. 

I'll explain the photo: my mother is in the driver's
seat with my aunt (her sis-in-law) in the passenger
seat. This is the only driving done by either of them
these days...they are 84 and 92 years old!
They barely walk this ride is a fun
adventure. Mama has lots of things in her gardens
to see and she is not content if she can't make 
visits to each of them. 
She wanted to know how many comments she
got on Facebook! When I read them to her
on the phone, she laughed and said how 
fun this was! 

In the news...
mama cat's milk dried up...
I'm hand feeding five kittens every
couple of hours. 

I made a purchase today that I'm way too 
excited about (take note of the price reduction and say, "WOW!")

Because of Kasey Buick , I made Chevre quiche and
I. just. keep. making. it. SO good...goat cheese...who knew? 

My college boy was home over the weekend...we had
been apart for 4 weeks which is a first. 
He grew up WAY too fast. 
(two pics, oops!) 

Over and out~Auntiebliss.