Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spaces and places

I've erected my dream office in the woods. 
From here, I will draft multiple
contracts and make some business
deals that should help me race
to the top of the corporate ladder.

Or, I could just sit there and play 
Doris Day like I did when I was little. 
Remember when she was Sigh Bennett's

Oh. Well you are too young then. 

This must be the mail room. 
I can't wait to fill these cubbies. 
It is going to hold some of my small items
at the barn sale you've heard me speak of.

Today I saw where my booth will be and I 
wanted to move in, the floor was so wonderful. 
I hope you might consider coming to the event!
Port Royal is about 45 minutes north of Nashville.
There will be some live music as well as
some awesome food if you are
weird and don't like vintage items ;) 

I did not just say that.