Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vintage vanity and Biscuits

Eye declare!
This is the most adorable little cream pot
I've seen. 
You know...if you rub that stuff under your
eyes, you'll have that same demure look? 
For real!
Did I ever tell you that I had a roommate 
years ago who separated each of her eyelashes
daily with a NEEDLE?
Talk about living on the edge! 
That must have been like the Extreme sport of 
makeup application, huh? 
Kind of like bobsledding only with 
Thankfully, she can still see outta both. 

Do people still collect perfume bottles?
This label is so purty and the cork is so cute. 
Well, these are both a part of my shop update.

So are these lilliputian wooden clothespins...which
remind me of my own mother's clothesline
still standing, but unused. 

I remember a small earthquake that sent 
us running outdoors and it was clinging to 
the pole on one end that 
more than likely saved our
very hides that fateful day.

I vaguely remember hanging wet 
clothes out.
 I love that pain-blocking 
mechanism we have,
in which to forget things 
that weren't total
fluffy bunnies and ice cream. 

But, yeah, the sheets did smell good. 

Gowns were a little on the stiff side. 

Speaking of Pinterest, haha, well you 
were going to, right? 
I finally tried those darned 7-Up biscuits.
They've been in my face since that site
began. I pinned 'em early on. 

They are mighty tasty. 
We ate them like cake last night with 
somebody's homemade preserves. 
Next time I'm going to put some
shred ched in and cook them 
in little heaps as the
Red Lobster chefs must surely do. 

Give me your biscuit memories, don't hold back.