Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bloom where you are planted

I had a farm in Africa.
(name that movie)

Actually, I saw this glowing tractor on my way 
home from visiting my niece today. 

So gorgeous! 

Never thought I'd say that about a tractor! 
(my niece is gorgeous too)

I think that old tractor was thinking about
it's glory days when it worked the 
fields that yielded bountiful crops, 
year after year. 
These are fuzzy soybeans...which are 
part of our family's bread and butter, 

so to speak. 
My husband cleans, bags and stores them 
for local farmers. 

"As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again!" 
(I really don't watch movies that often...but these photos 
are inspiring me to quote the ones I have seen)


These are my little great-nephews (twins) 
that I visited today :) 
Meet Simon and Jude. 
They provided tons of photo opportunities 
for me and lots of laughs...funny little guys. 

I brought them matching neckties which their
mommy stuck right on their t-shirts! 

I hope they remember me next visit. 

They look nothing like our family 
and everything like their dad! 
It doesn't matter though...they are so precious! 
Their dad is a minister-of-music. I'm 
thinking they will surely have some 
musical talent. 
Their mom played first chair
French horn I think it school :) 

SO! That was a round-up of what is 
growing in Kentucky!