Thursday, September 6, 2012

A day in the life

Pasta salad must not be brain food. 
I should have had fish.

I just finished Pioneer Womans Smartypants Quiz 
with a score of 76 :/ 
And I had to poll the audience here at home 
on several questions. 

Do you like trivia games? 
I have always loved them but never been good 
at them! 
Hurry! Go take it and come back here and tell me
what you scored :) 

You are right, I should read more. 
These are thrifted books I got for my
She reads so much, I tell her she should
know a lot of things. She says she forgets 
it all after putting the book down. 
There is nothing better for her than a good
book or the start of a plant! 
She can talk hours about a little sprout. 
I can only listen for a half hour about a sprout. 
I can usually quiet her by saying, "C'mon, mama...let's 
go to Goodwill and get you some books." 

Our prolific mama kitty is bursting at the seams
Poor girl is asking daily for some PITOCIN ...
get those contractions rolling...
or would it be KIT-ocin in this case? 

Her babies are already promised to some new homes. 
I never have a problem finding homes and it is so fun 
watching the kitties grow for six weeks while they
are with us. 

I've added a Kewpie bank to my shop. 

Over and out~nice to see you!