Monday, August 27, 2012

Hang Ten

Ten things.

I made veggie lasagna for supper with no recipe and 
it was wonderful.

We got a good soaking rain today. 

My friend and I discussed the benefits
of spanking an unruly child. 

Every bed in our house has clean sheets on.

You could eat off of our garage floor.
If you are a dog. 

Or a cat. 

I sent my child to college with our old towels.
We got new ones here.

Lots of things you find at White Sales aren't white.

I wonder if the evergreen trees I brought back
from Alaska in my suitcase pocket will survive. 

I have panic attacks if there isn't a ceiling fan and
an oscillating fan blowing on me. 

I'm hoping our kitchen will magically have
a midnight buffet with an ice carving tonight.