Friday, August 24, 2012

Glamping and bread making

                    Everybody is talking about glamorous   
                          camping...that is "glamping". 
                     Some are talking others are doing!
                   And this couple has done it more than once!

I would do this and I can since we have the property for it...but if you don't, and you'd like to? There are glampgrounds that have sweet setups for you ...googlez vous for some results in your neighborhood! 

It might be a little more work, but how about that comfort level?! 
And what a photo-op for the blog, huh? 
Now, I know what you are thinking...that you don't want to squat in the woods...I've got you covered...well, so to speak. Here is the pot.

Options for this outing are endless

Would you do it?  (we are livin' on the edge here, girls...taking dares and everything! ha!) It's called middle age peer pressure! 


This video was so cool, I just want you to see it...(I really want you to bake bread and call me...