Friday, August 3, 2012

Going green and errr...WHITE

Don't have a cow, man. 

Okra is some good stuff. 
And when somebody gives it to you?
Take it! 
That is some itchy stuff to pick ya know.

This morning I sliced it up, blanched it
and froze it in bags.

Hope I didn't humiliate you with that link. 
I know you are smarter than I in the kitchen. 
And other places. 
I'll make some soup later when the temps drop...
IF, I mean. 

Or roll it in cornmeal and fry it!
(that's totally what Cracker Barrel would do)

These babies are going to be stuffed 
with a cheese concoction and wrapped 
in bacon as soon as I can get
some family members to stay here
long enough to eat them. 
Poppers, right?

Some of our family...left behind FORTY apple
trees which are laden to say the least
and I don't know that anyone is picking other
than me. 

I've been frying apples as fast as I can and
adding sugar and cinnamon, then
freezing in bags. 
SO yummy, y'all! 

To the naked eye, it would appear that I 
really eat healthy and feed my family 
that way. I would like to think it was true.
On occasion only, sadly. 
I'm banking on that breast milk to 
take care of any nutrients they are missing 
as teenagers. 
Have you ever asked whether you were 
bottle or breastfed? 

Do you want to talk about something else? 


I'm not calling YOU all turkeys, 
I'm saying I want to talk about turkeys.

This a.m. I got to see the albino turkey that
my son saw recently! 
Crazy, right? 
One blog friend told me that she saw three last year
at the same time! 

Does it bother you when someone doesn't know
the plural term for an animal and says something like,
"they say the bear are coming in"
"those turkey are sure eating a lot" 

It does me! 
And then there is the problem of not knowing if 
it's a school of bear, a flock of turkey or a
herd of fish. 

 One more!
Ew. I can hardly tell it.
When a man measures something
and announces, "it's twelve foot
instead of 

I'm done.