Thursday, August 2, 2012

Plumb happy with Plumbago

I'm Greystone and I'm guest blogging 
for mama today. She says it is TOO
hot and steamy to be on the porch even.
It does feel better inside but I can't stay in
Mom wants me to tell you how pretty 
her porch flowers are this year. 

You know this one, it is Mandevilla
and mama simply put hers in a pot with nothing
to climb on this year. 

What mama really wants
you to see is this plant she hasn't
had before and even her MOTHER
hasn't heard of! 

Well, mama is in love with it. She didn't
even know it would bloom in blue!
She didn't know it would climb the

It shares a pot with English Ivy
and French Lavender. 
Mama likes to think it represents
both her mother's and dad's ancestrys. 
One from Alsace, Lorraine, France and
the other from Kent, England. 

Mom says to ask...
have you heard of Plumbago?
Have you had some before? 
She is going to take both
pots indoors when and if it gets
cold here to see if it will keep 
until next spring. 
I love my mom! 
Sometimes she lets me go 
sniffing in the basement.