Monday, July 30, 2012

Alaska continued...

hey wait, is that an...

My first ever eagle! 
(and only, it turned out...)
You should have seen how fast I got my 
camera up in the air! 

hmmm...when did my child get so small? 
it would be so incredible to have this to 
"play" on and around, daily. 
Dangerous too.

Just when I stopped looking for one...
I finally saw a moose! 
Funniest thing ever! 

I went to Alaska to love on people and
it was a pleasure. This is little
Abbydoll...well, maybe I embellished her 
I did her fingernails and then
another lady did her hair 
(that was supposed to be my job too :/) 

We served hot dogs to the families 
who were dip-netting their salmon.
Every last child and dog was brought
to the beach for this event. 
They had a good time!

This is a time-honored tradition as well
as a way to fill the old icebox!
Everybody I asked had a different way
to cook the salmon. 
I had big dreams of us bringing home enough to feed
our church when we told about our trip.

This guy was filleting his salmon on an
ironing board! 
Many people loaded their salmon onto
sleds to drag home. I thought that was pretty

Finally, last day, our time to fish!
Now those from the lower 48 must
catch them with a rod and reel! 
These are my two silly older boys
with a girl who they grew up with. 
I had my three boys, her and one other 
boy on the trip. 

This is the other boy...I built him 
this fine cabin while we weren't 

Five hours of HILARIOUS trial
and error fishing....we had five fish
to take home. 
By some uncanny stroke of luck 
(or God's precious gift to me)
my matron-of-honor and dear old
friend was only minutes from us in
a cabin on vacation. 
She taught the kids to fish for salmon and
stayed all those hours in the water with
After they caught five, she traded us
packaged/frozen fish for shipping and
we caught our plane home. 
We do have enough to feed our little
church and intend on surprising them 
with dinner the night we tell about
our trip. 

Shelli and I ...we figured out that
we had been friends for 31 years.
Just incredible. 
Ew. My hair was dry and needing to be

Shout out to reader JOANIE who is always
here reading :) 
Come see ALL my photos! 

and to Susan  whose dear old 
bestie lives minutes from my Shelli...
crazy small world! 
Susan hails from Illinois! 
We are all planning a meetup at the 
barn sale in which I will be a vendor 
in October. 

Join us!!