Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Read it and weep.

Oh, don't cry for me, Argentina...

obligatory awesome dessert photo du jour, please forgive. 
(peach cobbler with cream)

word has it, said farmer is bringing us more fruit today. 
best go buy some pectin, whatever that is. 
must have something to do with pectorals.

 you see how I did that? 
always thinking about physical fitness ;)

I got a package from Normandy, France yesterday! 
I ordered this stack of old papers and I'm tickled I tell ya. 
Purpose being to resell at the barn sale this October, singly. 
They are business oriented with such things as ordinances and arrests. 

would ya look at that!
Saturday, the 15th of July, 1944! 
THIS week! 

I did some googling about that date. 

Here is what the cover of the New Yorker looked like.

Anne Frank made a journal entry.

Lastly, only because I have to get out the door...
historical news from Normandy itself

It's a small wonder these little papers made it over the years and are in as good of condition as they are. I'm guessing they may have been in an attic much like the one Anne Frank lived in. 

You are exactly right, I should keep them :)
                                gotta run! have fun!