Friday, July 6, 2012

Long may it wave!

And I don't mean HEAT wave!

                                           I declare!

I forgot to put out my 4th of July collectibles so my kids could say, "what is all this mess, Mama, you're so weird!" 
Just now as I was uploading this photo one boy yelled out, "who's uploading something?!!!" His online game had slowed to a halt...haha. Do you deal with this in your home? The tail is 
always trying to wag the dog!

We had a burn ban on in our county due to a drought and no fireworks were permitted. My poor middle child was working 
in a fireworks tent for the last three weeks in hopes of earning some money. He put in long hot hours to almost no avail due to 
the ban. It rained finally on the 4th and some people came out 
and bought some. He is storing away about ten thousand dollars worth that didn't sell. I'm sorry for the man he works for. 

I have a lunch date with three girls and their grandma so I must run...but I just might blog again for me, okay?