Monday, July 2, 2012


Updated to say...I'm not blushing anymore...I was 
able to delete some old albums in Picasa and fix the problem.

the blog father allows me to upload many pics in posts
but will not allow me a banner :/ he says I'm over
my limit of uploads. 
(i'm embarrassed)
it's akin to going out in public without
(i don't do it) 
or foundation
(i don't do that either)

I DO however have three antique birdcages
in brass, one with a stand. 
I've been to an incredible auction. 
The original seller's price tags were still
on them at $265 each! I got 
them for $5 each. 
I felt sorry for the seller with things going
so low...she just had SUCH a huge 
amount of stuff that everyone there
got tons without spending much. 
Rare situation, I know. 

Yesterday a lady said to me,
"I heard you bought four truckloads at that sale!"
I told her I don't have a truck but she wouldn't
stop. (word gets around, doesn't it?)
 I did bid and win all day and boy was it
hot! Things were really old and going for such
low prices...I couldn't help myself :)

This is the item I intend to keep (not sell)
out of my haul. 
I haven't seen a floral enamelware pitcher 
except for online and I love them. 

I blame our trip to Key West after Christmas
for my wanting to have this Coconut Key Lime
pie in the fridge at all times. 

It makes me feel better to place some 
blame somewhere. 

Stay warm friends! ;)