Thursday, June 21, 2012

Plan your work and work your plan!

project number one under my belt
for the October barn sale I'm a part of.

old frames + chalkboard= happy combo! 

i have a stack of old frames that will get the
same treatment...hope they are hot items!

my husband has a machine which makes
these stencils...and the tags...hundreds
of them at his office...I'm a lucky girl!
they are my price tags. 

my shop/booth name is Merci if 
you hadn't figured that out :) 

i found two guys hitting this with a hammer
yesterday afternoon behind one of my thrift
they said someone had taken the drawers
and they knew nobody would want it now,
so they were breaking it down
to fit in the dumpster!!! 
(remind me not to donate anything there...)

i asked for it, they loaded it
and to soothe myself over the fact it's perfect
raised panel doors were hammered off...
i'm going to make a potting bench out
of it. 
it will wear a curtain out of old burlap
seed bags my husband has. 

aaannnd you will find it at our barn sale this October...more details HERE

90+ degrees F here...send ice cubes!!