Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nouveau Southern Belles

you have bored kids? 
style up a shoot with some Goodwill finds!
yes, I know I am a broken record...but it 
is something that gives me and the kids a 
lot of joy! their mama's don't mind it either. 

capturing childhood friendship and thankfully, 
we don't see a lot of that anymore, even at the
age of ten. 
Andy Griffith would be proud. 

these are the steps of the Robert Penn Warren
house...he was born here and was the first Poet 
Laureate in this country. 
a Pulitzer Prize winner! 
so talented a writer, in fact, most
writers and educators today can't make
heads or tails of what he was 

i understand about the old gray mare and all
but this white beauty is always gorgeous 
and SO friendly coming up to greet us
and be a part of the fun.

did you know...
Queen Anne's lace is a wild carrot? 
i didn't until a city girl told me 
and i was so embarrassed. 

a movie still? 

she didn't want to play dress up with 
her classmate...but she was SO 
glad she did once they got to
being photographed. 

even the gas pump got involved
by becoming a hat stand. 

stay sweet, y'all!