Friday, June 8, 2012

Barn Sale Excitement!

I've read about them and admired them and now will
finally get to be a part of one!
An event is being planned in my wonderful
neck of the woods...
at Port Royal, Tn...about
40 minutes from Nashville, this October. 
It is called the Hayloft and you can bet 
that I'll keep you posted! 

All these photos are out of my archives, 
things I've had and sold
(flea market booth and etsy)
or things I inherited from my 
very collecty uncle. 

I'm trying to find my style groove and 
find out what I'll have in my spot at the sale. 
I want it to be GOOD.  :)

I have an idea but am sure I won't 
go for it at this time...I can imagine though,
a large wooden mustache/sign which 
says, Gentleman's Quarters. 
It would have old shaving sets, bowties, 
suspenders and homemade shaving soaps, etc. 
I shouldn't be telling my ideas, right? 

I went through a black and white pillow
making phase...half vintage cloth...usually
with an old earring or rhinestone piece
on it. 

Some things I'd like to carry, 
are too hard to find! 
Or carry (i.e. vintage typewriters)...

Shut your eyes. 

Now think of a sale in a barn...
 what do you picture yourself
snapping up to take home? 

Have you been to one? 

You can open your eyes now...
so you can leave me a comment ;)