Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The time has come, the walrus says,

...to talk of many things! 

Well, only one actually. And not so much talk, either. 

LOOK!! It is finished!! 

I know now, WHY I snagged this awesome piece
at a thrift store. The underside had nests of 
every species of spider and it's cousin waiting
to be wiped out. 
I'm pretty hardy when it comes to spider wipeage...and I have already been bitten on the bum by a brown 
recluse, which didn't eat near the flesh I was hoping
it would :/

What were we talking about? 

Oh. So, I think it is arachnid-free and I'm 
SO in love with my hutch!!

I've dreamt of her forever and I won't take
her for granted. 
Dressing her was a joy and I've redressed
her already like a paperdoll cut out of Sears
and Roebuck. 
That was one strange comparison. 

Is there a certain spider bite that makes you do that? 
Should I head to the ER? 

Do you like her like I do? 


Our firstborn graduated...

He was, in his mother's opinion TMBBEB.
The Most Beautiful Baby Ever Born.

Our great-niece got engaged to 
The Best Catch This Side of the Mississippi.

Our most recent litter got into it's cute phase. 

I set up a coffee station using an old
sewing machine table in the kitchen.

I finished the hutch in the post below...
I'm a happy, happy girl! 

Well, I need my furniture movers to get it in from the
garage, so...
the reveal will happen once my boys wake up,
dust themselves off, 
eat a bowl of cereal,
look out the window and state how 
hot it's going to be today,
tell me they can't find a shirt to wear,
sit down at the computer and
get involved in a two-hour video game
with some kid in Germany...

yeah, you probably won't get to see it. 

Come back anyway, okay? 
I like you.