Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bashful Chalkboard

I love the look of a chalkboard. 
Menus always look so inviting 
when done this way. 

I swear I'd order
liver and onions if it was 
written in chalk on a board. 
(I didn't say I'd actually eat them...)

But I have a problem! 
I can't write nicely on one! 

Mine hides due to the's really bad, 
my chalkboard is going to need years of therapy.

My new blog friend, Kelly 
blogged about her daughter's Prom 
night dinner and I saw her 

Isn't it awesome??? 
Her handwriting, in chalk? 
I met Kelly at The Lettered Cottage
when her home was featured there.
(I can't find it, can you help, Kelly? )
She started a blog after people begged
her to, having seen her home!

My friend, Vanessa, solved a problem in her garden
 with chalkboard paint and
even opened a make-believe flower shop! 
I LOVE the look outdoors as well, 

This post really is to show you my two
new lamps I've added in the kitchen.
I got them for a song! Lalala!!

You know that thing you do, 
in the house that you work so hard on
and spend so much on?
and your family:

1) doesn't notice
2) says, "it's okay" when you ask whether they
like it or not after not having said anything about it? 

Every one of my guys is LOVING the lamps
in the kitchen! 
Better than the overhead lights. 
The warm glow is charming their socks off.
I didn't fish for compliments or anything :)


I hope all you mothers are appreciated and loved Sunday,
and every day for all you do for your families. 
Reminisce about your moms, if they are gone,
and thank God for all He has done for you.