Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Accident

today was my day with mama and a couple of other
ladies. it's as if I have my own tea room, really fun
because they all appreciate coming so much. 
i didn't plan ahead and had no clue what to 
make for lunch, but it came together quickly
*chicken and rice, slaw, fruit, rolls and fruit tea*
one lady always brings her amish friendship bread
in lemon, pistachio and chocolate. 

We hammered flowers.


you heard right...blossoms and weeds, 
gathered from our yards
hammered into fresh white fabric
to make imprints. 

a rabbit would have been quite happy at
my table today. 

i grabbed coffee filters in which to hammer on 
top of the flowers instead of hitting the 
blooms directly...which in turn put color
on the filters...aha! 
"don't people make flowers from filters?"
says I to myself. 

so I had the ladies use lots of
them so I could shape them into
flowers...three filters makes one. 
all different and so pretty...I decided I
could style a wedding if I had to! 
I put glue on the outer edge of 
my paper flower and kind
of wiggled it into a pile of
white glitter...which I think you can see
from the top photo. 
that one shows the colors kind of
down in the center but
my others have it in different parts on the edges.
I will show them soon!

so we put a white fabric down 
on my plastic cutting board,
then the flowers and weeds
and finally the filter. 
my plan (besides entertaining my girls...)
was to end up with a watercolor-style
backdrop for some Easter or spring
I got so much more with the paper flowers
and I will incorporate them in the backdrop, 
tied with ribbons. 

I'm going to add more before it is finished.

you are probably asking if it will wash out?
can't wash it. 

there are lots of videos on Youtube
about this very craft. 
they call it "pounding" flowers. 
of course you can do it on blank
cards and other things. 

if you hear some pounding late into the night,
it may be some of these ladies that
were here...
they all had plans to go home and
keep flattening flowers 
into the wee hours, I understand. 
i'm thinking i won't be able to enter any public
place that has blooms at it's entry 
without nabbing some. 

do you think i'm a blooming idiot? 
can i take your portrait in your 
Easter bonnet? 

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