Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Floral Abundance/Meetup??

Man, I love having plants and flowers
in the house. 

It makes everything else look better ;)

I have given my sister-in-laws 
orchids as gifts and this birthday, 
they gave me one. 
It is my first and I'm having to remember
to put three ice cubes once a week. 

Remember me saying I wanted to collect 
different daffodil bulbs? 
I want to ask and see if there is any
interest in a blogger meetup/bulb
swap (incl. others like hyacinths, tulips, lilies...)
in Tennessee somewhere
(Nashville, Lebanon?)  
I've never been to a meetup 
and think it would be fun. 
We could dabble in a little junkin' as well. 
I know many of my five readers
do not live within proximity...
yet some might! 

So let me know? 
Does this interest you? 

My middle boy texted me something like
eight times reminding me it was his 
six month anniversary with
his fourteen-year-old
girlfriend and it would be
the end of him 
if he forgot. 
And would I please get six 
pink roses with a lime green bow. 

I got to enjoy them on my counter
until the little darlin' got out 
of school :)

I'd better brush up on my mother-in-law 
skillz, huh? 

Fruit also is so pretty in the presence of 
But be warned...citrus near
roses is a no-no. 
Something like Chernobyl happens...
not sure what, but I saw it once on Rachel
Ashwell's show that she had. 

Here is the part where you click on comment 
and tell me what is on your heart. 
Don't hold back, 
let it out!