Saturday, March 17, 2012

~Happy Sunday~

I just discovered Joy's Hope 
who has a Happy Sunday section
with wonderful printable things like:

I love memorizing verses, you? 
We are never too old to do that. 


a few things: 
Victoria magazine has a blog.
Lonny online magazine is out. March/April issue...go flip some pages! 

Rue is too...yippee! Love these ezines. Some things in these are clickable and it will take you places of the source of the item
where you can purchase it. When you find the oar photo...
see the table next to it? 
It has me all shook up! Wow. Love it. 

Souvenir magazine by Heather Bullard comes out March 20th.

You should now be on the cutting edge of 
fashion and design trends and know what
people who are out and about are


Be stylish. 

Hope your hiney isn't as tired of sitting as mine is?