Friday, March 16, 2012


Chickens got out again today.

We haven't mowed yet.

Sprayed the clover though.
Or was it the dandelions.

I heard Nordstrom is giving out perfume 
samples tomorrow. 

I'm not going. 

I hope my last meal is something off the grill.
Like a Portobello with some Monterey Jack
smothering it. 

Have you decided what you want your last
meal to be? 
If you get to choose? 

Why don't they ask, at the hospital,
when they ask whether you have a living will
or not?  Do they just assume your are good
with mystery meat? And leave it at that? 

Careful what you say...never know who is

There are a lot of things I wish I were,
that I am not. 
One, is to be a collector of different
species of buttercups/jonquils/daffodils. 
You know, try to get one of each of the old
heirloom ones as well as each of the 
new ones being bred. 

My mother keeps showing me a bloom 
that she said she never had in her yard before, 
and why did it choose this year to come up? 

I tell her the birds dropped it. 

(this is me being smart alec and she knows it...reason
why is that LOTS of mysterious things have
always happened in her garden...she tries to 
tell me the geranium was NOT climbing but I know 
what I saw. Anyway, she has always said 
about some new bloom or other, 
that the "birds dropped it"....ohhh righttt Mamaa...
in nice straight rows they did that?)
And we both laugh trying to imagine a bird
carrying a bulb of a jonquil. 

"Bridges freeze first" ...that is what
Mama says to me when I leave, no
matter the season...and what it means safely. 
Code words are awesome. 


Nearly ran off the road getting this shot, 
never mind when bridges freeze...

I'm going to meet my Portobello trying
to show you all somebody's fine

Better enjoy my pics
(they come at a price)
(my life, that is)
and these today, I'll add are
totally au naturel...untouched by
any editing. 

Rock this weekend we have staring at us! 

Eyes on the road, you.