Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the mother of what?

At the foot of the where 
my birthday balloons have been tied. 
Why not? 
I say let us celebrate the thing that 
draws us in and begs us to stay put,
no matter the cost. 
Wallow in those new pink birthday sheets
and throw caution to the wind.

Yes, I got up at six, 
how did you know? 
Pity, right? 

That stuff streaming in the windows
is what's beckoning now. 
I'm going on a photo-op
with my middle son on a class trip.
We'll see what ensues! 
I'm gonna wear capris. 
It is going to be hot here today. 

Like sands through the is the dust on my
Did you know you can BLOW dust off
your furniture? 
Bad news is, it lands on other pieces.
Best get some dusting spray and a cloth. 

Reminds me of my firstborn son...
when he was five, he came out of his room 
with a eureka look on his face...

He has reinvented lots of wheels. 
And broken a few as well. 
I love him. 

My husband once played golf with the guy
who invented Velcro. 
I wonder if Astro-turf had anything to do with it?
I mean if a golf course had Astro-turf and
 he tripped and fell and couldn't get up
because he had on
socks with balls on them, knee socks or 
something and there was a eureka  
moment that ended up making
him a millionaire!
A happy accident. 

Invention is the mother of necessity~
is what I accidentally said the other day.
I had to stop and think what it meant in 
like, "I made this, see what you can do with it"

Like some of the meals I put on the table :/