Saturday, March 10, 2012

Coming of age~

(you can always click on a photo to enlarge it)

Driving home from a visit to the river, 
I spied this little calf nursing and stopped
to take a picture. It stopped to turn around
for me. 

The river was deep...the boys
(friends of my son)
measured with a stick and
figured it was 6 feet before 
they JUMPED into the cold

You see I had my camera ready so
I wasn't altogether trying to stop them!
My boy was not feeling the whole jumping-
in-the-icy-river thing. 
It was a bonding thing, kind of a coming 
into adulthood thing. 
We talked about how,
if they were Native American Indians 
that this could possibly mean 
you were now an adult
(unfounded information).

I've got to go back because
I was not successful getting
a bunch of Bluebells dug up...
I needed a shovel.

Second boy, in the water, 
ready for anything life can throw at him now.

I turned 50 on Friday. 
Imagining myself on a Smucker's jar
with Willard Scott telling what 
I said were the secrets to longevity. 

Which makes me think of peanut butter
and jelly. 
Which makes me think of cellulite.

Are we done now? 
I've got to go take my Geritol.
Do they still sell Geritol? 
Do you take it?